Your children will thank you!
Each child in disposables goes through 1 ton of diapers in his/her first couple of years on earth. Each of these diapers takes up to 500 years to disintegrate. As of twenty years ago, there were 18 billion disposables being put in landfills each year (EPA, “Positive Steps towards Waste Reduction,” June 1989). Obviously, that number has increased with our population growth, and currently there could be an upwards of 27 billion put in the landfills in the US alone. These diapers constitute an estimated 30% of all biodegradable waste.
Before a single-use diaper even gets put on a child, they have already left a footprint on the earth. In producing of single use diaper, it takes 3.5 times the energy, 8 times the non-regenerable raw materials, and 90 times as much renewable material as cloth diapers (The Landbank Consultancy Limited, “A Review of Proctor & Gamble’s Environmental Balances for Disposables and Re-usable Nappies,” July 1991).
In making diapers for 90% of U.S. babies, 250,000 trees are sacrificed (Jane McConnell, “The Joy of Cloth Diapers. Mother: May/June 1998, issue 88). Along with trees, each diaper uses one cup of crude oil to be produced.  To diaper a child in disposables for one year, it will take over 5 barrels of crude oil! And then there is plastic—roughly 286 lbs of plastic are needed to diaper one baby for one year. For one baby in disposables for one year, it will also take 440-880 lbs of wood pulp. For cloth diapers, it only takes 11 lbs of cotton one year for cloth diapering. Keep in mind these cloth diapers will go on to be used as rags once they are no longer suited for the child.

Some may argue that the energy and water it takes to launder cloth diapers makes their environmental impact equal to that of disposables. Please see our cleaning process to learn more about the efficient equipment we use to launder our diapers.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Using cloth diapers fulfills the motto of reduce, reuse and recycle. With each child that switches to cloth, you will reduce one ton of plastic, chemicals and human waste that disposables create in our landfills.

Green Baby reuses all natural cotton diapers, yet ensures cleanliness through our advanced, eco-friendly cleaning process.

Finally, Green Baby recycles the diapers that are no longer fit to be used on your baby into rags. After each diaper is used 150-200 times, they are then passed off to businesses such as detail shops or cleaning services.
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