Our prices are simple and easy to understand. Choose a Start-Up Package and choose the Diaper Service of your choice. 


Start-Up Packages:

Standard Start-Up Package (One Time Fee: $39.99):

-Rental of (1) Diaper Pail

-Rental of (1) Pail Liner

-(1) Deodorizing Disc

-(1) Snappi Fastener


Deluxe Start-Up Package (One Time Fee: $74.99):

-Rental of (1) Diaper Pail

-Rental of (1) Pail Liner

-(3) Deodorizing Discs (each one usually lasts 2-3 months)

-(2) Snappi Fasteners

-(1) Thirsty Cover of your choice

-(1) Medium Wetbag (VERY handy when out and about and your child is in cloth diapers)


Add-ons (Call for pricing)

Extra Pail

Extra Liners


Diaper Services (The price of each service includes the rental of the cloth diapers PLUS the laudering service of your diapers and the pail liner AND delivering them to your door step each week):

-40-100 Diapers...$22.50 per week DELIVERED

-40 or less Diapers...$20.50 per week DELIVERED

-Dalmation Service (when available) - slightly stained but freshly laundered Diapers...$19.50 per week DELIVERED

-50 wipes delivered with the Diaper Service of your choice...$3.00 per week DELIVERED

-7 Doublers (for additional night time protection) delivered with the Diaper Service of your choice...FREE DELIVERED



*REGISTERING for weeks of diaper service is a great option*

Your first charge will include the Start-Up Package of your choice and ONE FULL MONTH of the Diaper Service of your choice. We also recommend that each child have 4-6 covers on hand in the beginning. You will wash these at home and, although they are easy to maintain, you will be glad that you have extras while your little one is going through so many diapers per day. Please keep in mind that we offer consignment services here for you as well, so, when you are finished with the covers you may return them to us, we will sell them for you, and give you cash or store credit (paid out quarterly). 

Green Baby Diaper Service will never require you to sign a contract, however the first 4 weeks are NON-REFUNDABLE. Our diaper service includes the RENTAL and the LAUNDERING of our diapers and each customer is asked to sign a Diaper Return Policy to ensure the return of our diapers. There will be a rental charge PLUS the replacement cost charged to any customer that refuses to return the diapers. This Policy helps us to guarantee the lowest possible price of the rental agreements delivered to your home. 

Gift Certificates also available for purchase.

We also carry iPlay and Swimmi reusable diapers year round and Training Pants when your child's ready.