How It Works

Green Baby Diaper Service, LLC provides unbleached cotton diapers that we will deliver to your home or you can pick up 2 weeks prior to your due date. If the baby happens to come even earlier, give us a call and we’ll come sooner.

After the baby comes, please call or have someone call to get you set up on a delivery or pick up schedule. We will put you on a delivery route based on what part of town you are in. Please be sure to have your diapers out in the morning, as our driver will be coming early. If you forget to leave your diapers out, give us a call and we'll see what we can do to accomodate you.

We deliver your diapers in a waterproof, fabric bag. Take the clean diapers out and use the bag in your pail to collect the soiled diapers. Before putting the soiled bag outside, be sure to secure it with the fastener that we provide.
On your first and second deliveries you will receive the weekly number of diapers that you ordered. After that, you will be on a rotation basis. The number of soiled diapers you turn in on your first delivery will be counted and returned to you on the next delivery. This way we will also have the same number in your rotation.

Example: If your order is for 80 diapers the first week, we will deliver 80 the first week and 80 the second week (no matter how many diapers you used the first week). Let’s say you only turned in 60 soiled diapers at the first week, you should now have 100 diapers at home (20 unused + 80 delivered on week 2). On the following week we will return to you 60 diapers, and pick up, let’s say 70 soiled diapers. Now you have 90 diapers at home (30 unused of the 100 + 60 returned to you). The total diapers returned to us plus the amount in your home should always be double the amount of your order, in this example 80 x 2.

To make sure that the number in the rotation is accurate, we ask that you write how many you have in your home on the tag attached to your bag.

We charge for the number of diapers you are renting each week, NOT ON HOW MANY DIAPERS YOU USE. If you consistently have leftovers, please call to reduce the weekly order. 

In an effort to go as paperless as possible, Green Baby encourages you to pay by debit or credit card. We can set you up on an automatic monthly billing schedule OR you can call it in. Billing cycles are every 4 weeks depending on when you started your service. We ask that you pay the first four weeks in advance.